Insurer says it’ll cover more than 1.2 million iPhones with premium insurance

A big chunk of the iPhone’s popularity in the US is due to its premium smartphone insurance.

Insurers like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Aetna, Cigna and UnitedHealth Group are covering more than one million iPhones in the state.

But there’s another major reason that Apple is dominating the premium smartphone market: it’s an all-in-one device.

AppleInsure says it’s covering more iPhones than anyone else in the country, and it’s offering a massive discount on the phones themselves.

The company says that with its iPhone X, the cheapest iPhone, AppleInsurance will cover a total of 1.1 million iPhones.

It’s not a crazy claim, and while there are many other companies who offer iPhone insurance, Apple seems to have the most to gain from the deal.

Apple’s iPhone X premium is significantly lower than that of the cheapest smartphone offered by AppleInsage.

The cheapest iPhone offered by iPhoneInsage, the iPhone 7 Plus, has a price tag of $999.99.

The iPhone X Premium has a sticker price of $1,499.99, a price cut of more than 40%.

So why would you buy an iPhone X for $1 in the first place?

AppleInsight notes that while iPhone X is a premium phone, its cheaper than the other premium smartphones in the market.

“The iPhone X has the best hardware and best camera.

It has the biggest screen of any smartphone,” writes Bill Kosteski, Senior Director of Customer Engagement at AppleInsense.

“But because it is an all in one device, it also offers a discount to cover your phone, up to 25% off the sticker price.”

Kostieski notes that AppleInspective found that iPhones have the highest prices on average of any other brand of smartphone, while AppleInsurers Premium also has the highest discounts on average.

Kostiekski says that while there’s a lot of competition for iPhone customers, the premium iPhone offers “the best value” for AppleInsurer Premium customers.

“With iPhone X’s premium smartphone, you get to enjoy AppleInsured benefits while protecting your money,” Kostiyski writes.

“If you’re looking for a great value, Apple Insurer Premium offers a 50% discount on your first year of coverage, up for renewal, for the next five years.

For the rest of your life, you’ll get the same savings.”

KOSTIESKI also notes that if you buy a iPhone X in the next two years, you can save up to $600 a year on the iPhone X. That savings can be a great incentive to get your iPhone to buy in for the rest the life.

For many AppleInsuring customers, that’s the only way they can keep their phone on the market for five years without having to replace it.

So if you want a great iPhone for your family, get it now.

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