Why does it feel so weird to be a female footballer?

The women’s game has been an ongoing battle to define itself over the past decade or so.

But there’s still a long way to go to get to the pinnacle of the game, which has been dominated by men since its inception.

And now the female game is facing the most difficult of times. 

What we know about female players  In recent years, female players have had to deal with sexism from a young age, and that’s put a strain on their lives.

They have had their chances to excel reduced to being the only female in a room full of men, or to not even get to be the captain of a team, or simply a few minutes in the spotlight.

There are still women playing football in a sport that traditionally has been run by men, and they’re struggling to make it through. 

Some women have struggled to make the grade, others have been overlooked or not given the chance.

But for the most part, female footballers have struggled.

The World Cup is a case in point.

It is the only time when women’s footballers were included in the main tournament.

It’s also the only place where women’s teams have been competing at the same level for at least three years, a period of time which is not available to men. 

When we look at the statistics, it’s difficult to say whether this is a problem of the women or of the men.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has a goal to have a gender quota for the top teams in world football by 2020.

So far, the IFAB has given the women a little more than 2% of its 100-strong squad.

The IFAB also says that by 2020, female participation in football should rise from 15% to 20%.

But with female players still in the shadows, it remains to be seen if the quota will actually happen.

What’s the problem?

The problem is not just that female players don’t get to play, but that they’re not represented in the top levels of football.

Women are not recognised in the biggest competitions and, according to one study, the World Cup will have fewer than half of the teams from which players will be selected in next year’s competition.

That means that a woman is not considered the equal of a man at the top of the table.

The problem is also that women are not getting the recognition they deserve.

According to the International Women’s Soccer Federation (IWSF), there are about 5.6 million female football players worldwide, compared to about 3.4 million men.

And it’s not just the women who are not being rewarded for their efforts.

According the IWSF, about 10% of all female players in the world are not paid their fair share of the global income.

The disparity between the genders has created a lot of anxiety for women’s players.

“There’s this myth that the world is a sexist place and that if you’re a woman in this country, you’re not going to get your fair share, but actually it’s the opposite,” says Nadeem Choudary, a former women’s international and the director of the International Centre for Women’s Studies.

“If you are a woman, you are the first person to have your work and your voice heard.

You are the only person who can tell us what we should and should not do.”

The women’s soccer game is a mixed bag for many players, with some being overlooked for certain competitions, and others being the subject of ridicule.

There’s also a lack of support for the women, who are often ostracised by the community.

When I was a kid, I played football at a very small club, the Manchester United Ladies.

They had a lot more women than I did.

It was a club that wasn’t really a community club.

I never knew anyone else, and it was a very hard time for the boys.

The club was full of boys.

There was a lot to lose if you were going to play.

If you were a woman at that time, it was almost impossible for you to get any recognition, even if you had played well.

I had to get through the whole club to get anywhere.

I would be kicked out if I started to be competitive.

There were always boys who wouldn’t let you play with them.

You couldn’t even go out with them if you wanted to.

There are a number of women players who are making a career out of the female-only league, but for all the support and respect they get, there’s always this sense that the women are out of it.

“The game is about being a girl and being a woman,” says Sarah Hines, who played for Blackburn Rovers for four years and has since become a professional goalkeeper.

“You’ve got to be yourself, and I think the game can be about being yourself as well.

But the girls are also being punished, and you have to

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