Pleyboy: Insurance: How to pay for a trip you won’t take

PleyBoy is a simple app that lets you buy insurance coverage for your car and truck.

If you need more, you can use your own funds.

The app was designed for anyone who wants to get insured for any kind of road trip.

It lets you pay for coverage by the hour and deduct your expenses on your insurance bill.

You can buy insurance for a car with a $200 deductible, for a truck with a premium of $50, and for a bus with a standard rate of $1,500.

You can even add up to $2,000 to your insurance bills for a total of $4,000 per trip.

PleyBoy charges $0.20 per mile and $0 per cent of the value of your trip.

If your car costs $400 a month, it costs $500 per year.

If the truck costs $1 million a year, you’ll be paying $6,000 annually.

It costs $2.00 per mile for a standard policy and $4.00 for an auto one.

If a car is only worth $300 a year you’ll pay $250 annually.

Plyco, the insurance giant, says that its PleyBot will also cover people who don’t want to buy insurance but who are still using a car or truck for work.

Pleasure, the startup that developed the Pley Boy app, says its Pleasure app lets you check whether you can afford insurance.

It can also deduct some of your expenses from your insurance payments.

If you’re in an accident and your insurance is cancelled, Pleasure will help pay your damages and deduct all your expenses.

You’ll also be able to deduct up to the amount of the accident, plus up to 5% of your medical expenses, if you’re a resident of a US state.

The app can also charge you a $1 per trip fee.

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