How to protect your privacy on Facebook

Posted October 13, 2018 05:17:57The social network has said it will launch a privacy filter for its users in the United States, following a series of data breaches, including one by the cyber-criminals who stole data from the company.

Facebook has not yet announced when the new filter will go live, but its chief privacy officer, Ashkan Soltani, said that it will happen “soon”.

“We will soon roll out a new privacy filter that will offer users a choice of whether to share personal data with third parties, and also offer a way to opt out of this sharing and other types of sharing that could be harmful,” he said.

“The idea is to provide a safe place for people to be able to choose how they want to share their data with friends, family and other people in the community.”

Users will be able opt-in to the new feature by checking a box on their privacy settings page, and will also be able set a “private” setting for those who want to opt-out of the sharing of their data.

Facebook’s privacy filter is the latest of several privacy changes that the social network announced in the wake of data breach by the US cyber-criminal group known as the Cozy Bear.

In March, Facebook announced a new filter that would block ads on Facebook for any “disruptive content”, including links to “dangerous” content or videos.

“Our new filter is designed to protect you from dangerous content and harmful content that could harm your privacy and that could potentially be taken from you,” the social networking giant said at the time.

In October, Facebook said that the company had identified more than 6,300 “disconnected” accounts that were used by hackers to spread malware across more than two billion accounts, and the firm has also confirmed that more than 1,000 accounts linked to the Cozmo-C and CozyBear attacks had been compromised.

It has also revealed that more Americans had been hacked by the Coza malware, a new strain of malware which has emerged since the first wave of data-hacking attacks in December last year.

Facebook said that more information would be shared about its security measures over the coming months.

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