What it’s like to work for Amazon and Apple (as we know them)

Apple and Amazon have been trading blows over the past year, with the companies accusing each other of “lack of transparency” in how the companies are run.

Apple has also been accused of trying to control how the world is able to buy products.

But, in a move that some have likened to the 1980s, Amazon has also taken the fight to the courts.

On Tuesday, Amazon filed a motion to intervene in the antitrust case between Apple and the Federal Trade Commission.

The move comes as the two companies have been embroiled in a proxy battle over the “buy” button in their search engine, as well as patent litigation.

Amazon also accused Apple of attempting to interfere with its antitrust enforcement, which it said is “designed to protect the competitive advantage of Amazon.com.”

The company has previously filed antitrust complaints against Apple for a variety of reasons, including the company’s refusal to release details about how many of its products are purchased by Amazon Prime members.

In a separate move on Tuesday, the Justice Department said it had launched a probe into whether Amazon was illegally engaging in anticompetitive behavior by preventing Apple from offering its own products in its search engine.

In a statement, the department said it is “committed to vigorously enforcing antitrust laws and protecting consumers against anticompetition conduct.”

In an interview with CNNMoney, Amazon chief legal officer David Drummond said that Amazon has a “strong antitrust history” and is “always looking for ways to bring more competition to the marketplace.”

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