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By: Paul Hsieh/Wired Staff, Staff WriterSeptember 25, 2018 09:52amA lot of companies have been experimenting with a new type of cash incentive that pays workers a portion of their salary.

But many of those efforts have been limited to a small number of companies, according to research firm Experian.

The idea behind it is that by incentivizing people to report to their local offices, companies can better get to know them and better help them with their career.

But that’s not how most people are getting paid, according a new report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI).

The report found that only about 2 percent of companies actually use this kind of incentive.

It also found that about a third of those companies are in industries with high turnover.

And many of the businesses that are using the incentives don’t have a good track record.

For example, some of the top-performing companies in the United States are those that have the most turnover, according the report.

For some industries, such as health care, there’s a clear path to being paid by the hour.

But other industries, like financial services, often struggle with turnover, which is why there’s so much debate about how to incentivize workers to work.

To make sure that a company doesn’t create a new, unattractive incentive, the EPI created a simple survey asking companies how they make money.

The companies that used this type of incentive were asked to give their average pay to their workers as a percentage of their total compensation.

The companies that didn’t use this type at all were asked how much money they were making per hour.

About one-quarter of the companies said they didn’t make enough to pay their workers.

The EPI’s findings show that a number of the incentives companies are using are either bad, or have not been effective.

Some are paying less than they should.

For instance, companies that are not using incentive pay are incentivizing workers to report late and forgo bonuses.

Some have offered incentives that are more lucrative than they are good for the company.

And some companies that have used incentive pay often pay out more than they’re making in salary, according with the report, and they are not getting their workers to sign up for the pay.

This raises questions about whether companies should be incentivizing employees, particularly when it comes to compensation.

According to EPI, this type is a bad incentive because it can be a drain on the company’s profits and can be disruptive to employees.

And the EPEI also says it is also a bad idea because it discourages employees from seeking out other jobs.

Companies should also be mindful of how the incentive rewards workers in the first place, EPI said.

If a company is incentivizing its employees to report early and often, it’s less likely to see those employees actually report and report well.

This may also discourage workers from working part-time.

To get an idea of how much people are making for a specific company, the report asks people how much they earn and then breaks it down by job type.

The EPEIS report finds that about 22 percent of the people surveyed reported that they were paid on time.

But just under a quarter of them said that their pay was less than what they should be.

Another 15 percent said they made more than what was allowed.

And another 14 percent reported less than the amount that was expected.

Some people who report being paid on-time and on-budget, or those who are paid on a salary that’s above the average for their job, are not making enough money, according EPI.

And about a quarter said that they have not received a salary cut or bonus for the year, according.

Companies that are incentivized to pay people on time also tend to pay higher wages, because the companies are getting people to take on more work.

But companies that aren’t incentivized also tend not to reward workers with promotions.

The report finds, however, that companies that pay people a salary are also more likely to reward people with bonuses.

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