How do you win the credit game?

An ad campaign aimed at people who work as part of the workforce is trying to help people who have lost jobs in the past get credit cards.

The campaign, titled “We have a responsibility”, is one of the first such efforts in the country to help employees with debts or who are in debt to get credit.

The ads are being broadcast by the government-run All India Bank (AIB) through digital platforms and digital media.

The ads were produced in Hindi-language, with an English version planned to be released in the next few weeks.

They aim to draw attention to the plight of the unemployed people by highlighting their hardship and the financial strain on their lives.

The initiative was launched on November 9 and has received a huge response from people across the country, said Anirban Srivastava, president of the All India Council for Financial Education (AICFE), which runs the campaign.

“Our goal is to provide a good platform for people to get information on what they need to do,” Srivaceva said.

“It’s also a way of getting the government to take a more proactive approach on their own initiative,” he added.

The ad campaign is one among a number that is being launched across the world as part to tackle the problem of joblessness.

More than 100 countries are participating in the “Hiring in Transition” campaign, which aims to encourage people to seek employment after leaving a job, which has seen a huge rise in the last decade.

According to the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa, India is the world’s second-biggest jobless nation.

The number of jobless people is at around 16.5 million, but the unemployment rate in the national capital has risen by more than 40 percent over the last two years.

“The AICFE has been working on this initiative with the aim of mobilising the people’s support in the long run,” said Shashi Tharoor, president, AICfe.

The AIB has been trying to convince people who are currently unemployed to join its workforce and take on new jobs, through an ad campaign that has been running in Hindi for the last three months.

“We want to get people thinking that they can become a part of our society,” said Anil Dube, general manager, communications, at the AICF.

“We are going to build an economy based on a shared responsibility,” he said.

While the AIB ad campaign was launched through its digital platform, the AIAF has also started using digital channels.

The AIB is working with the All-India Council for Credit Education (ACCE), a national association for people in debt, to develop an educational platform that would allow people to access free credit.

The group hopes to have a full platform in place by the end of December.

The new platform will include free online courses on various subjects such as how to earn a salary, the different types of credit and the different payment options available.

The platform will also offer information on how to apply for a loan, and will allow people who cannot find work to get help with debt management, said Ravi Gupta, managing director, AIAFI.

The group is also developing an online platform that will help people manage debt and pay it off in a short period of time.

According an AICFA study conducted in September, nearly 75 percent of people in the working age population are jobless.

According to the AIGC, India’s unemployment rate has jumped to more than 35 percent, from around 13 percent in 2012.

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