A new wave of companies are turning to bitcoin to boost their businesses – and it’s not going to be as easy as you think

The rise of digital currencies has put the brakes on many traditional businesses.

But for one young tech entrepreneur, the blockchain is the perfect tool to help them turn their dreams into reality.

His company, Pleyboy , is the latest to try and tackle one of the biggest issues facing digital currencies.

Pleyboy has been using bitcoin as a payment system since 2014.

It’s a decentralised blockchain that lets people exchange their coins for goods and services online.

Its use in this way has been so successful that it has spawned a cottage industry of companies that offer their services in the digital currency.

A PleyBoy spokesperson told Business Insider that the firm started as a side business in 2014.

“We started as an experiment to test our ideas, and in the end we realised it would be a better fit for the market.

We started to grow and get bigger, but we always had one goal: to help the bitcoin community,” the spokesperson said.”

It has been a very successful experiment for us and we are excited to have it grow even further.”

Pleysboy is not the first to launch in the crypto world, and it may not be the last.

However, its approach is more likely to see a lot more adoption.

There are currently a number of companies using bitcoin in a variety of ways, including: Possibly the biggest: Bitcoin vending machines, which are popping up all over the world.

While these machines can be used to buy a whole range of goods, there are a few that can be sold as well.

“They’re really popular for that, and we’re happy to be able to offer them to people,” the spokesman said.

Another, smaller, business is using bitcoin to give its customers an advantage.

As part of a collaboration with a local jewellery chain, Pleysboy partnered with the company in order to allow customers to order jewellery using the cryptocurrency.

The business owner, whose name we won’t reveal, said the jewellery was “very popular” and that the company had received some interest from customers.

If you’re interested in more digital currency news, check out our roundup of the top digital currencies, ICOs and ICOs to watch this year.

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