Why we’ve got the worst insurance rates in Europe

We’ve got a problem in Europe.

Our average rate of coverage is the highest in the world, but our rate of return is also the lowest, according to a new report by Credit Suisse.

The bank says we pay premiums of 8.3%, which is more than double the rate in our top five markets and more than three times the rate of investment return.

This means our premiums have grown in tandem with the economy, the report says, making our premiums look even worse.

While the average premium for European citizens in 2016 was just under €500, the average for US citizens was €1,300.

In other words, our rate for coverage is only half as high as in the US.

The average rate for the average American is almost two times the European average.

Credit Suisse said that, compared with the rest of Europe, our rates of return have been trending downwards.

“The rate of growth has been stalling, especially in the last three years, so it is likely that the rates of returns are still too low,” the bank said.

As the global economy slows, the cost of insurance premiums in Europe has fallen by more than a quarter, the bank says.

The US has been particularly hard hit.

The report says that US premiums grew by an average of more than 12% a year in the decade up to 2020, and their growth has slowed to just over 4% a time in 2017.

However, the trend in the UK is different.

The country’s premiums increased by just under 8% a decade ago, and are still increasing by nearly a quarter a year.

But what about in the rest OF THE WORLD?

The report’s authors say that if you are looking to cover your family’s medical expenses, the United States is still your best bet.

And the US has the most robust market.

According to the Credit Suise report, the European Union, UK, Japan, France and Germany are among the most competitive insurers in the global market.

This is particularly true for insurance companies in these countries, which are often less dependent on foreign markets for their revenue.

So, if you need to buy expensive medical equipment, like MRI machines or CT scanners, for example, or have a medical condition that requires expensive tests, your premiums could be higher in Europe than in the United Kingdom.

If you’re worried about your premiums, you should consider the UK.

Its rate of returns is also more than twice the US rate.

Also, if a policyholder is covered by a business, like an insurance company, it is not uncommon to see the premiums paid in cash.

This means your money is likely to be safe.

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