How to get over a heart attack with this simple DIY CPR: Dr. Ken Gollner, MD

The heart attacks that most of us experience have the potential to end our lives, but there are many ways to recover from one.

Dr. Gollners new book, The Heart Is Not for Burning Out , explains how to get through a heartbreak without burning out, and how to stop a potentially fatal heart attack before it happens.

Here are some tips:  1. 

Keep your body active.

The good news is that we all have an inherent capacity for endurance.

So if you can keep up with daily activities like walking, working, or taking walks, you will be able to maintain a normal level of activity.

This is the foundation for a strong immune system and a healthy heart. 


Try to relax.

Relaxing your body and mind will help keep your heart beating.

This can help to reduce the likelihood of your heart stopping and causing a death. 


Don’t stop eating.

Even though your body will likely need a break from your food, you can try to keep up your regular eating patterns and stop overeating when you need it. 


Do something active.

This means exercising, exercising in a way that doesn’t hurt your heart, exercising at least 5 hours per week, and walking or running every other day.

 You don’t need to have a heart condition to exercise, but doing so will help to keep your body functioning properly. 


Stay hydrated.

When you’re having a heartattack, your body needs to take in as much oxygen as possible to keep you alive.

This requires water and electrolytes.

If you have a low blood pressure, your blood pressure may drop too low to keep pumping oxygen to your body.

You can also use a cool compress to cool your blood as it circulates through your body to prevent blood clots and keep you healthy.


Be a positive influence on your friends and family. 

Dr. Golls new book can help you to overcome your fears and fears are usually rooted in fear of death.

Here’s what you can do to help your friends, family, and loved ones recover from a heart problem: 1.

Find out what you’re afraid of.

For many of us, it’s the thought of losing our loved ones, or of a loved one dying, or a loved ones being hurt.

Find a list of things you’re scared of and ask yourself: Do I have the ability to change these things?

What is the risk of these things happening?

What are the chances of me being able to change them?


Talk about your fear.

For most of you, it will be your fear of the unknown.

How could you change it?  3

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