‘Unable to afford my own hospital bed’: Woman forced to sell her home to pay for her son’s hospital bed

The woman who found herself trapped in a home for people with severe mental health issues was left desperate and homeless, but her story is now a national story.

Key points:Rachael Jones said she found herself living in a motel after being kicked out of her own homeRachuel Jones says her family had been unable to afford her own hospital room after being forced outThe woman says she was kicked out and evicted from her home in December 2015When the family was evicted, Rachael found herself in a situation that is no stranger to her.

“It was an absolute nightmare for me,” she said.

“I was homeless for a year, living on the streets, and I ended up sleeping on the ground and I couldn’t afford to buy my own bed.”

If I didn’t get my own beds, I was living on borrowed time.

“That was the last thing I thought I would do.”

But the ordeal wasn’t an isolated incident.

Rachiel says her experiences with homelessness have become more common in the past five years.

“As a homeless person, you are at a huge disadvantage,” she explained.

“You have to beg for food or sell your stuff to make ends meet.”

The way people live now, the homeless, the people who are homeless, is the worst.

“Rachula Jones’ storyRachulah Jones found herself at the centre of a national conversation about mental health and homelessness in Australia.”

For people who don’t have the means to buy a bed, or if they don’t live in the right area, it can be a real problem,” she told News.COM.AU.

Rackley’s homelessnessRachilah Jones, 29, who is now homeless and living with a mental health issue, said she was unable to buy her own bed when she found her family evicted.”

There were so many people in my family, so many other people that had nowhere to live, and it just seemed to be going on for years,” she recalled.”

In my mind I was thinking, ‘What are we going to do?’

“Rachileah Jones has found it harder to find a place to live in her own town, where she says her own health is a major issue.”

What’s happening in our country, the lack of affordable housing and homelessness, I’m just so upset, I just feel so sad,” she lamented.”

Because I have a mental illness, and you don’t know what will happen to you.”‘

I’m so glad I don’t want to go back’Rachyl Jones said the hardest part of finding her own place was finding a home to stay in.”

After I was kicked and kicked and evicted from my own home, I couldn, like, literally no place to stay,” she admitted.”

When I found a home, it was literally just me and a blanket.””

My family was living in this motel, and my dad was going out, so I was the only one there.

“But Rachyl found herself struggling to pay rent when she was evicting her own family.”

Then I was just living with my mum,” she added.”

And that’s when my problems started.

“Rachella Jones’ experienceRachalah Jones had to move out of a house in her hometown in Sydney’s south-west in December 2016.”

At first it was rough, but after a while it was pretty easy,” she shared.”

People would give me their stuff, like food, clothes, whatever, and there was a place where I could get a shower, a bed.””

I had my bed and a mattress, and they were so generous and made sure I had all my essentials, like a blanket, and a phone.

“But it was just the start of the struggle.”

We were living on so little money, so there was nowhere to sleep,” Rachalahs story continued.”

So we were sleeping in our car, and then I just started taking it apart to see what was underneath, and we were like, ‘We can’t afford this’.

“The experienceRachellah Jones is now living in the city, where her mother has a place she rents.”

My mum had to go through this process, and when she finally did, she was really overwhelmed,” she reflected.”

She just wanted to get out of there, and she was just so relieved.

“Racism in AustraliaRachelah Jones said it was common for people who were homeless to be discriminated against.”

They’re just the ones that have the most problems,” she described.”

Some of the things that we see in the media, you can’t really explain, but there’s a lot of racism.

“A lot of it is just ignorance.”

“A lack of education, just a lack of knowledge about mental illness and mental health.”

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