How to avoid free trial charges

Some Australians have been getting free trials of new devices from Apple after paying up to $100 for a handset.

Key points:More than half of Australians have already had free trialsApple has announced it will introduce a “free trial” feature in the coming weeks that will let customers pay $100 to use a new deviceApple said the feature will be available to all Australians for the first timeApple’s $100 “free” trial fee will be refunded to anyone who purchased the device Apple’s announcement came a week after Apple launched a trial of the iPhone 6, the company’s latest flagship phone.

“Australians can now pay for the latest iPhone, iPad and iPod touch,” Apple said in a statement.

“They can also sign up to a trial for AppleCare, a free upgrade for their existing iPhone, and receive a free iPhone 8 Plus or iPad Pro.”

A spokeswoman for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said it had received a number of complaints about the new trial.

“The Australian Consumer Law applies to all types of consumer products, including smartphones and tablets,” she said.

“For this reason, consumers are not permitted to use their credit or debit card to make payments on these products.”

Consumers should be aware that the new Apple trial is a new form of credit card transaction that may not be compliant with the Australian Consumer Code.

“She said consumers should contact their credit card provider for advice on how to avoid the new charge.

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